Sanjitoki Yojimbo

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Sanjitoki Yojimbo Character Sheet

Background Strory:

Having been a part of the minor clan Hare since birth, his father having been a lesser Samurai, Sanjitoki grew up in the everyday life of those who practice martial arts and swordplay. During his childhood, his father being selected to accompany their Lord to a Crane hosted gathering, to discuss relations and military movements Sanji witnessed his first Iaijutsu duel between two members of the Crane clan for a demonstration.  Fascinated by the speed of their attacks Sanji talked his fathers' ear off until he was knuckled in the head by another Hare Samurai chuckling, saying; "Are you sure you're a Hare; or are you a crane with floppy ears?" The comment shut up Sanji, for he was proud to be a Hare; but still, the Iaijutsu duel remained a factor in what was to become his trademark style.

            6 years past, Sanji began training furiously; after mastering the basics of Hare type combat, he began to remember his infatuation with iaijutsu; asking his current master if he would be allowed to train under a Crane master, ‘for benefit of the clan'. This began Sanji's departure from Hare territory and his wandering into Crane territory; he was allowed to watch, which is where his nickname, "Bird Watcher" came from, and after a time able to participate in Iaijutsu practice duels. His two year learning experience came to an end when battles between Hare and Scorpion broke out.  In the battles and skirmishes that followed, Sanji's father Morichi Yojimbo was slain in the opening engagements; he was honorably killed, which was something to be said when fighting the Scorpion.  Young, and full of vigor with pent up anger at the death of his father, Sanji became known as the ‘Hunting Hare', due to his selection of the targets he engaged, having merged both the Hare's style leaping attack with the focus of Iaijutsu, he wove through the battlefield downing mounted cavalry with his father's Nodachi "Ninjin Dekai" which literally means "Huge Carrot".  His enemies called him Crimson Orange Waterfall, shortened to Crimson Waterfall, due to the huge leap and long arcing cleave of his orange tinted Nodachi, which then turn red as he cleaved through both man and horse is a bloody display.

            How Sanjitoki Yojimbo survived the final battle is truly unknown, but he gave up his Samurai title for exile to a remote shrine in the mountains. His nickname, which he is very fond of, "Old Mountain Hare" given to him by the small villages that surround his small shrine, reflects to what he has become, a Yamabuchi. His past as a samurai unknown to those of the surrounding village, and in some respects forgotten to all but himself and the Hare Clan that still remains.

            While his past has become dormant, his skills with his Nodachi have not waned greatly.  He feels the effects of old age, and may not be nearly as cunning in battle he once was; but there is no question the experience he has garnered. Ninjin Dekai has been well maintained, the orange tinted steel still glimmers like sun fire, and even the lucky rabbits foot charm hangs from the pommel.  His armor, due to the cost of maintaining such armor, has seen better days, much of it in need of a professional armor smith to repair was age has taken from it.

Bushido Virtues of Sanjitoki Yojimbo: 

Sanjitokie Yojimbo's priorities regarding the seven primary virtues of Bushido.

  1. Honesty
  2. Compassion
  3. Honor
  4. Courage
  5. Courtesy
  6. Sincerity
  7. Duty

His time in the mountains has changed his sense of Virtues, and how they are placed; Duty used to be his #1, but through the fight with Scorpion, he realized blind loyalty is a great blight.  Sanji strives to do what is morally right given the circumstances, he will be honest when asked question that will reflect his Compassion or Honor, and in turn he will show Honor and Compassion to those that are honest.  He honors Courage, but does not feel Courage is central to up holding his own code. Compassion can bring courage if the cause is just.  Courtesy and Sincerity he holds with esteem, but both can be used on the frivolous. Courtesy is a mask that can hide true intentions and sincerity can be confused with lies.  While duty is the lowest on his list, he holds Duty only to a select few which he deems fit to hold him to his Duty; his sense of Duty only extends to where his Compassion and Honor begin.

In a nut shell, Sanji will fight to the death over a loaf of bread for a starving child another has stole, but will leave the field of battle if greed motivates the side he is on. He will die for his Daiyamo, for Ozaki Usagi in Sanji's eyes is held in great respect and holds much Compassion and Honor; but would commit Seppuku if Usagi became corrupted, rather than fighting in the name of Duty while Honesty, Compassion and Honor is thrown aside.  He despises blind loyalty.

"Like a great Oak Tree, Ozaki Usagi is the grand trunk, strong and stoic; I am his branch, to sway in the wind of change, and protect those that seek the shade of compassion.  If Usagi were to wither and die with corruption, I would pluck my own branch, to die on my own terms… this I have told him so."

-Sanjitoki Yojimbo

Specialty Equiment:

Foot of the Fortunate Hare:

This small white rabbit's foot hangs by a fine silver chain. However humble it may look the rabbit's foot holds within it an incredible amount of stored luck. When attched to the lower part of a weapons hilt the weilder is granted the extraordinary power of good fortune. A number of times per day equal to half the characters Ancentral Diasho bonus (rounded up), you may re-roll one attack roll you have just made with the weapon before the DM declares weather the roll results in a  sucess or failure. This special item can only be used on a weapon infused with supernatural powers. Ancestral Diasho's of a Samurai are the primary weapons on which this item can be used. This item cannot be used on a shield, or ranged weapon.

Ninjin Dekai (Big Carrot): Nodachi, 3' 4" blade.  Ninjin Dekai, forged from the iron rich steel mines in the Hare territory, which gives it the orange tint to the blade.  Pommel wrapped in green silk, orange silk twine for strength. Lucky Rabbit foot hangs from a five inch silver chain. This is one of Sajitoki Yojimbo's Acenstral Diasho's and begins play with it at a +1 level.

Tenbatsu' (Divine Punishment): Wakzashi. Tenbatsu' is Sanji's backup sword, named such for if he should drop/loose Ninjin Dekai, he is forced to wield it. This one of Sajitoki Yojimbo's Acenstral Diasho's and has had not been infused with any supernatural energy. Currently It is a Masterwork Wakazashi.

Sanjitoki Yojimbo

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