Adventures in Rokugan

Update: 9/24/2008

Still looking for more Players. No Feedback from Tim, Jorey or Baker as of Yet. Only Alex has submitted character ideas, and good ones at that. I am going to throw an invite to Travis, perhaps he would be interested.

Character Creation Rules
  • Characters Start out at 3rd level
  • Available Classes
    • From Oriental Adventures Handbook
      • Fighter (Standard PHB Class)
      • Monk (Standard PHB Class)
      • Ranger (Standard PHB Class)
      • Rogue (Standard PHB Class)
      • Samurai (Professional Honor Driven Warrior)
      • Shaman (Caster that is Intermediary Between Mortal and Spirt Realm)
      • Shugenta (Elemental Divine Spell Caster)
      • Sohei (Warrior Monk)
      • Sorcerer (Standard PHB Class)
      • Wu Jen (Similar to Wizards)
    • From L5R Rokugan Handbook
      • Ninja (Master of Stealth, Assination, Thievery, and Lies)
      • Inkyo-Enlightened Monk (Ki and Void Power Based Monk)
  • Avaiable Races
    • Human
    • Kokobokuru (Dwarf Like Humans)
    • Nezumi (Ratlings)
    • Spirt Folk (Decendants of Humans and Spirits of Nature)
    • Vanara (Monkeylike Humanoids)
  • More Rules
    • Group Must have at least 1 Spell Caster, but no more then 2.
    • Spell Caster must have good ties to at least one of the other members of the group. Make up stories guys, I like it when people have reasons they already get along.
    • Atleast 2 membes of the group must be Human, Preferably 3. (Non-Humans are Rare in Rokugan)
    • No more then 2 party memebers may be the same class, I dont want a group of just ninja or Samurai running around.
    • Clans are used in this world so every character is free to pick any clan, Ronin or wandering characters are okay as well. Keep in mind the clan you pick will efect how others around Rokugan treat you; Scorpion, Dragon beware.
    • Each character must have a short background story. Since characters start at level 3 to start with they have gone a few adventures and are recognized member of their clan.

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